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reasons you may be looking into Spiritual Director or Soul Friendship: is you have a desire to grow spiritually and/or explore why you feel a lack of growth or connection to your Creator; you are looking to unravel the complexities of God;you are deconstructing your faith; or may be looking for a spiritual practice without a God construct.  The goal of our time together is to nurture spiritual growth. We also want to look for where spiritual growth can happen in your life or can be noticed with more frequency.  The beauty of our time, is that we are "together"- it is a sacred time of transformational growth that is happening communally between us.


My desire is to create a safe unhurried space where therapeutic listening happens. I look at Spiritual Direction as a "permission giving" of sorts. What I mean by that is...there is nothing you might say that would shock me, there is no doubt expressed that would cause me to think less of you. This is the same with God, God is not afraid of what you bring to the table (however shocking or shameful it may seem to you). In this way there is nothing off limits in our time together, we together, create a safe place to search out God. I am comfortable with all faith expressions and also provide a safe space for agnostic and atheists to find a spiritual practice.


I have a Ma,SF at George Fox University and also received my certification from GFU. My specialties are:  Enneagram, Transformational Life workshops (this is curriculum I wrote for my Masters in Spiritual Formation at George Fox and have taught numerous times at the Bridge Church where I pastored for over 7 years), I am an expert in Jungian Intensive Journaling, Body, mind, spirit connection. I write curriculum and lead classes around rage, anger, loss and grief (giving permission to feel all our feelings, not just the convenient ones), team building and spiritual formation workshops, as well. I also teach Archery as a spiritual practice and meditative Labyrinth walking.

I am at home with LGBTQ 

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