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Jungian Intensive Journaling is a tool to get access to the deeper and often buried parts of ourselves.


It is a journaling technique created by IRA Progoff, a depth psychologist who worked alongside of Carl Jung, in the 1950’s.


“Dr. Progoff conducted research on the dynamic process by which individuals develop more fulfilling lives. As a Psychotherapist, he found that the clients who wrote in some form of a journal were able to work through issues more rapidly. Through this research, he then developed and refined the Intensive Journal Method in the mid-1960's and 1970's to provide a way to mirror the processes by which people become dynamic and develop themselves.”


This is not a traditional form of journaling,

where the individual regurgitates the experiences of the day, maybe adding a creative elements here and there.


The Intensive Journaling Method, is able to take a the participate to much deeper places through the guidance of a trained instructor.


What it looks like…


Doing work around...


  • Where you have been

  • Where you are presently

  • What is influencing you

  • Looking at relationships

  • Works/Vocation

  • Your body

  • Society

  • Events that have shaped you

  • Dreams

  • Etc.


This is life changing hard work, work where you come away with tools for the future and a new way to be in the world.

























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