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I have spent the last 16 years making medicine and learning about the native plants that grow around me and especially in my office in Washington Park. When I'm not hiking in the woods and teaching archery one of my other favorite things to do is learn about, forage for, and use native plants for food and medicine.

Are you interested in learning about plants? Dipping your toe in the huge ocean of plant medicine. Learning what is or might be growing around you all year long? Learning how to forage ethically and lovingly and making something from what you forage on our walk in the woods.

What we’ll do:

We will take a thoughtful meandering walk through Washington Park stopping along the way to learn about the plants that are in season and taking small samples as we walk. I will work to take the fear out of learning the basics about plants.

  • You will learn basic plant medicine and how to identify some of the plants that grow around us in the Northwest.
  • You will connect to nature in new ways, explore, harvest ethically and mindfully, and leave with a little medicine bag to make your own tea. 
  • You will have a beginner's eye to do your own medicine-making, foraging, and exploring where you live. 


I will provide you with a small harvesting bag and a little guide to the plants around us and what they can be used for.


No equipment or skills are necessary.

This is a beginner's class open to everyone! 

The cost is $80 per person ©


Beginner Mindful Foraging Workshop

$80.00 Regular Price
$72.00Sale Price
  • If you need to cancel for any reason there is a service charge of 25% of the total cost of the workshop. Workshop cancellations require a 24-hour email notice before the workshop takes place. After 24-hrs there is no refund.

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