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Are you feeling stuck? Seeking to explore new spiritual practices? Interested in leaving old and tired ways of connecting, and stepping into new forms and practices of spiritual connection? If so, a spiritual direction session combined with a somatic and cortisol-releasing kayak session may open up something new for you.


As a spiritual director, I engage nature, physicality, and mind-body connection to help release what might be stuck in our bodies. Like traditional spiritual direction, our kayak session will involve talking, listening, checking in with the body, and releasing tension and weight we carry. This 2-hour session includes kayaks, instruction, all equipment, and delivery of kayaks to the put-in spot.


For those raised in religious traditions that left them feeling empty, traumatized, isolated, and disconnected from their bodies, Soul Care with kayaking provides a safe space to unravel, dismantle, and express any pent-up emotions. It's a judgment-free zone to reflect on your journey and where you want to go.


I offer unhurried sessions focused on therapeutic listening and a true presence. Once ready, email me to schedule a time that suits your needs. With a Master's in Spiritual Formation from Portland Seminary, certification in spiritual direction from George Fox University, and training in Supervision from Lucy Abbott Tucker, Level 1 Archery Instructor, and an avid recreational kayaker, I approach this work holistically.


As a queer spiritual director (she/they pronouns), I wholly affirm LGBTQIA+ identities and viewpoints. I have specific training in deconstructing and reconstructing faith/church traditions, and trauma-informed care related to sexual assault, domestic violence, and other abuses. My approach honors diversity, equity, inclusion, and intersectional feminism.


All equipment is provided. ©

Kayaking and Spiritual Direction

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    All of the kayaking trips take place in calm water with very little danger present. However, just like with anything else, there can always be hidden hazards that cannot be fully accounted for.

    You must know how to swim to participate, even with a life jacket provided. 

    You must wear a life jacket at all times while in the kayak.

    You will have to sign a waiver.


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