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Thank you!

All I can say is Thank you! Thanks for the love and support this year. I have branched out and tried more workshops this last year, more ways of helping connect us body, soul, and spirit.

More ways of engaging radical self-care and self awareness...Why do we do what we do? What motivates us? And how can we avoid being lead around by hidden motivations.

I will continue to work toward my own radical self awareness and self-love. I will keep looking for ways to expand my skills so that I can continue to offer you the best of myself.

What can you look forward to in the new year?

  • I will be taking on more Directees for one-on-one direction

  • I will offer more Intensive Journaling Workshops local, beach and online choices

  • Dream Journal Workshops

  • By-weekly/monthly Intensive Journal upkeep workshops

  • Meditative Archery workshops in other states

  • Meditative Labyrinth Workshops

  • And working on a monthly pocket zine

Angie ❤

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