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What I'm Reading and Why?

You might be asking what a book on #blacklivesmatter has to do with my spiritual life - it has everything to do with it. If I don't understand that all parts of myself are connected- the body, the mind, the soul and the spirit I am living a compartmentalized life and more than likely unaware of the damage I do as I walk through this life. I don't want to live disjointed and out of touch with myself in this world. I want to take responsibility of how I've lived and still live consuming and unaware of my consumption. I change this by owning my part in the culture I've grown up in. And the ways in which I've participated in it consciously and unconsciously living in and benefiting from the racist structure all around me. This doesn't exist in a vacuum it effects the spirit and of who I am.

Do I want to be someone who actively distances themselves from what is right in front of my face or do I want to change and own my part in the racist structures I participate in?

The answer is easy from the standpoint of not wanting to be ruled by my shadows but see those shadows for what they are and what they have produced in my life. But I also know shadows are there for a reason...ego, comfort, protection, etc. And its easier said than done.

Opening myself to be taught and learn is another way I am trying to live non-dualistically.

This book is an eye-opener. Thank you Keeanga-Yamahtta Taylor.

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