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Day 1

Day 1 Meditation Experiment

Here we go!

What do you feel your personal sabotagers will be?

I'm not referring to children or significant others. I'm thinking what inside you could sabotage you.

For me it will probably look something like this... I am cozy in my bed it's early morning and I wake up before my alarm. I know it's set for 15 minutes before I normally get up. What do I do? I change the alarm back to it's normal time leaving me no time for early morning meditation which is my best time of day brain wise (BTW I actually did this this morning on our first official day 😉)

My choices now are- Blow the whole thing off Beat myself up Try to rush it Or Have a plan in place for what I can see will be inevitable at some point in this next 2-weeks. For me I need the plan today. So I set aside time as soon as everyone leaves for school. Maybe for you it's something different. *Busyness *Setting the stakes too high (starting with an hour instead of 2 to 5 min) *Frustration with a little perfectionism thrown in (sitting cross leg with perfect posture and a mind that won't slow down) Full disclosure. I lay down and meditate and if I dose, it's no biggie because my body is obviously tired. *Shoulding yourself. Nothing good comes from shaming! Just speak kindly to yourself and try to move on from whatever you think you did wrong or failed at. These are just a few pointers. You will sabotage Have a plan in place Try to have fun and remember to check in with yourself to see if you feel different. Feel free to share your self sabotagers. Angie

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