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Day 11 Meditation Experiment

We are now over halfway through this 2-week experiment.

How are people feeling?

More connected? Disconnected? Your awareness more enhanced? Guilty? Haggard? This is the point in the experiment where I would like us to reevaluate what our desires around this are. 1) Did you set goals that were unreachable with your busy schedule, which has caused you to self-sabotage this experiment?

If yes, it is not too late to readjust your goals and expectations to something manageable for you and your lifestyle.

The amazing thing about meditation is any amount is better than no amount. Even if it is every other day. Or you can't seem to get past 2 min. Or you can only ever find time at stop lights or in bathrooms. Any amount is good for you. 2) Maybe you set your meditation goals to narrow and you now realize you are capable of more scheduled meditation times. Or for longer. Or need to branch out with more variety. Now is the time to add a challenge to this experiment. You decide what you want to try, remembering you don't have to stay in a fixed place. Apparently, variety is the spice of life so I'm guessing the same could be true for your meditation practice. What's Next- Now that we have a few day left of the official 2 weeks I want everyone to bring intention to your personal meditation practice. What I mean by that is...Set a self-barometer to see what is changing in you. There are changes but sometimes in the busyness of life, it is hard to see. Are you more at peace? Has meditating helped with anxiety? Or Stress? Are you more aware of yourself? More loving, gentle, kind, forgiving? Practice a check-in once a day for the remainder of this experiment by doing a mini self-check in. Ask yourself if this is helpful. And why? For me personally, a lot of painful shit has gone down in the last two weeks. I have mentioned some of it. What I have noticed is the meditation has almost been a life preserver in the storm. What I know for sure is I will have a time each day where I will be kind to myself, I will give my body, mind, spirit, and soul attention and I will be still. I can't sum up at this point all that I've noticed, hopefully, that will come soon in something that makes sense to someone besides me. What I can say is I am noticing a shift inside myself and the shift is good, loving and gentle and after this 2-weeks is up I hope I can keep giving myself this love. And I hope you can too. Angie

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