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Mantras For The Rest of Us

I didn’t make this #mantrasfortherestofus up but I sure needed it yesterday. When things get hard what do you tell yourself? When accidents happen where do you go in your head? How are you lovingly holding yourself together? Yesterday, after @toddfadel was in a car accident (I new he was safe) and I was racing across town to pick him up all the thoughts were racing through my head. •Insurance •Money •Transportation •Physical therapy •Money The old familiar voices were speaking in my brain This is too much!!! I can’t do this!!! What will we do!!! Spinning and remembering to breathe and spinning and remembering to breathe. Then taking each reoccurring line and speaking the truth back to it This feels like too much, but Todd and I are good at figuring things out. I can do this! I’ve had plenty of this kind of practice. We will come together and figure it out. And we did! And we are! Uncomfortable? Yes! Frustrating? Yes! Survivable? Absolutely! This to shall pass! Love, Angie 

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