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Mantras For The Rest of Us

Just because we feel and feel strongly about our feelings doesn’t mean that those feelings have permission to control us. If your feelings overwhelm you try my handy dandy tool of setting a timer and giving yourself a certain amount of time to feel those feelings. You can set that timer 20 times that first day, but not 20 times back to back. Maybe, at first you say I’m going to feel angry for 5 minutes and when that timer goes off you say to yourself- we are not going to stuff this feeling but we are going to put it away once this timer goes off knowing full well that when we need to come back to it we can. When we need to feel more we will just set that timer for another 5 or 10 minutes and feel what we need to. I know this can feel a bit sterile and that’s alright because we are PRACTICING not stuffing are emotions and also not giving our emotions full reign over our lives. And sometimes we need a bit of both. It also teaches us that we can come back from difficult and overwhelming feelings and not get stuck and/or lost there. By doing this we are teaching ourselves that we deserve to FEEL ALL OUR FEELINGS not just the convenient ones. 

Feeling Our Feelings Joy is sweeter when we’ve also allowed ourselves to be angry when needed. All emotions have their place. Angie 

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