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Day 16 The Real Beautiful

Day 16 #reallifephotoaday this is my new back door this morning I tried to let the dogs out for their morning constitutional and the door wouldn’t open and the lock was jammed. This door was already hanging on by a thread. So I went to the rebuilding center found a door, brought it home, spent 40 minutes taking off the old door, punched myself in the face (not on purpose) and still kept going because...I CAN DO THIS! One difficulty after the other and still I persisted. Drill bits that didn’t work, hold the new door up on my foot, turns out not so easy without help (at least for me). Normally I would keep going, because I have something to prove, but this time I did something different I surveyed the situation and realized I was done and needed help.... So I Stopped, put the door in place, propped it up with the dog food container and called it good. I’m 47 and still learning my limitations and when to ask for help. At least I’m learning.

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