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Day 31 The Real Beautiful

Day 31 #reallifephotoaday To be vulnerable by our own hand is a gift. To extend and say, this life is worth us bringing our FULL selves is a gift not only to ourselves but to the world. Especially, when from the day we are born we our taught to pretend, hide, stiff upper lip, to put on a good face, put our best foot forward, don't let them see you sweat, etc. To be REAL in a world that pushes the contrary is, a radicle act. So I say YES to the RADICLE ACT of living into our true selves and setting the world on fire with our vulnerability. It's scary! It's counterintuitive! It's cross-cultural within our own cultures! It is the liberation we have been waiting for! And it's a revolution with the potential to end all other revolutions! And it hasn't been done - the whole of the human race living into their true selves has never been done so LET’S DO IT! Be the beautiful person you really are!!! #therealbeautiful #thevulnerabilityproject #vulnerabilityrevolution

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