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I Am A Creative Force

Updated: Apr 11, 2022

Everything we are is creative! We are creative energy whether we acknowledge this energy or not, whether we value this energy or not, whether we feed, nuture, respect, give space to it or not - it just IS.

Unfortunately, I have not felt my creative energy lately and it feels hard to do the things I love to do; the things I know help me feel like myself; the things that almost always ground me and give me energy - that get me into my creative flow. This is due to so many things outside my control and knowing this does help a little but it also still feels like shit. I miss the things that I could count on to lift my spirits but right now those things just aren't woking the way they use to work.

So what do I do?

What do you do if you are feeling the sad, the dulldrums, unmotivated, stuck, trapped, overwhelmed, grieving, lost, and anything else you might want to add? I don't have a quick fix or even a definite THIS WILL ABSOLUTELY WORK! What I do have is this

yesterday was rough tomorrow might not be or

maybe tomorrow morning I will may feel a bit like the old me but in the afternoon that feeling may not be there or

right now in this moment I feel Just Enough but in an hour I may feel my vulnerable exposed self's tenderness exposed and I may curl right back up.

I don't know from day to day or hour to hour how I will feel or if creativity will keep being a little too much to ask of myself but what I do have right now in this moment is a flicker of hope that I can sit in the soft moments I do have

I can in those moments try and be gentle with myself

I can lean into my feelings and let them be whatever they are

I can try and be kind

I can't always do these things even if I want to so what I'm trying to do is try.

I don't know where you're at in your day to day maybe spring has lifted you out of any funk you have been feeling or maybe you are in a flexing place like I am but wherever you‘re at it's okay to be there

it will pass

and you are not alone



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