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Day 11 The Real Beautiful

Day 11 #reallifephotoaday Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy When I get caught up in Shoulds & Musts all I can see is where I’m not measuring up (I’m not sure by who’s standards). I’m not fast enough, strong enough, I am failing without there being an actual FAILURE just the over arching feeling of not being quite good enough. But there is a flip side to not good enough and it’s you are too much, too loud, too androgynous, too emotional, too independent, too dependent... When I see myself through unattainable and ambiguous standards I will never measure up I will be flipping between the not enough and too much with no end in sight. I’m stopping to breathe when I see the sneak of comparison tap me on the shoulder, I’m laughing more quickly at myself and trying embrace #therealbeautiful in all the parts of myself. Where is comparison sneaking up on you? How can you breathe into it?❤️ inspired by @nalathescorpio 

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