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Day 18 The Real Beautiful

Day 18 #reallifephotoaday I had a good day today. It started with me taking my friend @tamarabpottery out in my new kayak and just soaking it all in, bald eagles, herons, beautiful plants and lots of bird song. Talking about business plans, enneagram, and how Jr. High is a time for real humor before the coolness of High School kicks in. When I got home my son was there because his senior-skip day plans had fallen through. We had a good chat about his music & his future while I swept and vacuumed (I do sometimes clean😉). It was a moment and I didn't waste it. I asked if he wanted to senior skip with his mom. We walked to New Seasons talking the whole way. Got some food and sat in the sun chatting. These moments are disappearing with him in the way that it was today. He's growing up and will be leaving soon. I'm trying to catch every moment, every conversation, every laugh, every kiss and I love you’s. I could have spent that time online, building my business, posting, and fretting about what I can't make happen. Instead, because I didn't have business stuff planned. I was home and got to hang with my son. I am trying to learn to hold this time as sacred - holding tight while letting go. #therealbeautiful 

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