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Day 19 The Real Beautiful

Day 19 #reallifephotoaday Treasures found while digging in my backyard...a small doll arm, a heeled doll shoe, and a doll tennis shoe. You might be thinking I DON’TSEE ANY TREASURES. These are the songs of a backyard playground for the last 18 years and it’s all treasures to me. Hide and seek, pirates, mud pits, Barbies, Pokémon, slip-in-slide, battles, water fights, you name it, it’s a magical kingdom back here. It’s also a reminder of the change that’s coming as my kids move away, the backyard has changed its purpose just as I will be changing mine. It’s not that change is bad, it’s just that I’m not always good at this kind of tectonic plate shifting change. We all have life altering changes good, bad, and blah we either join it or fight like hell but it’s coming regardless. We can meet it refreshed or exhausted by the fight but it’s coming nonetheless. My kids will leave and that’s a good thing, live their lives and let me be a part. It’s what I decide to do with this different life that’s coming that is the real treasure to consider #therealbeautiful 

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