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Day 21 The Real Beautiful

Day 21 #reallifephotoaday Are you anything like me do you sometimes have trouble letting the good sink in? Do you almost immediately move to fear, anxiety, fear of failure? After something brilliant? I got a promotion today that I really wanted, I was up against other people and it's an exclusive little starter group. It's not a paid gig but has many other perks that I am ready to learn. Almost immediately after getting the news the doubt started to creep in, on the flip side I am more than qualified for most of this job, but still am nervous I AM NOT ENOUGH. I'm going to do it anyway just wish the internal battle wasn't a part of the deal. I am will to try and sit with the joy of success, that first feeling I felt when I found out I got it. And try not to overthink the rest. Love to all of you out there that can relate to the hungry NOT ENOUGH nipping at your heels❤️ #therealbeautiful #thevulnerabilityproject 

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