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Life's Bombardment & How to Survive It

Sometimes you're sad and the weight and bombardment of life just keeps coming. These times are normal at least that's what I tell myself. I don't know what you tell yourself in these bombarding times. Maybe you

focus on mindfulness practices

up your meditation time

find soul soothing ways to ground yourself


But there are times in life where no matter how RIGHT you're living life just kicks you in the teeth over and over. You get up dust off ready to go another round or just shout I GIVE UP only to have another thing go wrong, blow up, break down or show up uninvited. What do you do when nothing works? I'm in this place where I am weary and that inner weariness is showing itself in my physical body. I am doing everything I know how to do...meditation, mindfulness, self-reflection, mantras, kindness to self and others, generosity, gratitude but the turmoil remains and I can't make it go away. So what do I do? While I'm reeling from another day of bad news, money trouble, health issues and no job security. I am reminded that these are real problems that magical thinking won't fix. I don't have the answers but I have creativity. So what I'm going to try too to do is… #1. Be kind to myself!!! In the pain stay kind to myself and my people, they don't deserve the backlash of my pain. #2. Stay with and in my body!!! As much as possible listen to the inner dialog of negative self-talk- I can't handle this, we’re not going to make it, this is too much for me, etc and try to put realness over the top of the self-destructive talk… I can handle this. I don't like it but I can and will survive it. We will make it. We've faced joblessness, tight financial situations, and many more difficulties with our joy intact. This feels unbearable and that it will never end. This is a normal reaction to stress, but Angie we aren't normal and will never be so let's look at new ways of dealing with this disappointment. #3. Speak my truth! This is tricky, not the truth part but the speaking it part. Who is safe to tell our pain to? Reflect on… Will I have to carry the person I share with? Don't tell them! Will I feel shitier after I share? Some people don't have the ability to hold space for another without shaming, blaming or advising. Don't tell them! Will I feel held? Tell them! Will I feel heard and understood? Tell them! Will I come away a little stronger? Tell them! #4. Try to love myself even though things feel like they are falling apart. I know that taking pain out on myself doesn't relieve pain it adds pain. So kind words, healthy self-talk, and actions that feel loving are the prescription. #5. Notice and celebrate when one thing is solved or taken off the load. This one is hard for me because as soon as one thing is gone it feels like another stress quickly takes its place. But I want to learn to celebrate large and small victories it will help in the present moment but also in future moments reminding me I made it through. What would you add to this list? We have so much to learn from ourselves and each other to make life easier to bare. Be loved, Angie 

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