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Mantras For The Rest Of Us

What gift can I give myself when everything is pressing in on me? When I am frayed and exhausted trying to stay afloat in a pandemic and the holidays. When it feels like this already hard thing just got way way harder (lockdowns in winter during the holidays)! When all my body wants to do is curl up in bed and throw the covers over my head- get warm and get quiet.

Hey, that's not a bad idea! Get warm and get quiet. Just let things be what they are- hard-complicated-sad-rough-tense-frustrating-restful-still-unhurried-with a dash of joy thrown in.

There isn't really anything I can do to make this time better other than BEING GENTLE AND KIND TO MYSELF.

The field has been leveled to such a degree that sinking into ourselves with the only agenda being listening with gentleness is the very best thing we can do for ourselves and our world. Let's be honest it's probably always been the best thing we could give our world and ourselves but busyness is a tyrant and mostly we are at the mercy of serving it. In what ways can we stop serving it even if just for a moment- going to bed early, reading a good book, baking, listening to good music, backyard fires, candles, writing love letters to ourselves, bubble baths, yule logs real or youtube, what can we do to sink down into ourselves and give ourselves and our world a fighting chance for rest, recovery, and real change.

So take that moment of cozy hunkered down in those warm covers and just be with yourself. With no agenda but that.



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